Liturgical Ministries' Schedule

We are pleased to announce that we are putting into place a new system called Ministry Scheduler Pro to schedule all of our liturgical ministries: Extraordinary Ministers, Lectors, and Altar Servers.

 Ministry Scheduler Pro will allow you to: 

 -  Access to your schedule and the master schedule through your phone or computer 

 -  Ability to set and submit your availability for the next schedule through your phone or computer 

 -  Ability to request a Substitute or to fill in as a Sub for ministries which meet your serving preferences

 -  Ability to set email and text reminders for the times you are scheduled as a minister

 -  Ability to set family preferences so that you can communicate a preference to all serve at at the same Mass on the same day, or to all serve the same Mass at various Mass times, or to serve whenever there is a need without concern for Mass date or time.

YOU MUST FIRST SET UP YOUR WEB TERMINAL VIA THE DESKTOP SITE (the app will not work on your phone without this step).

To set up the WEB TERMINAL, CONTACT LAUREL WALLACE at [email protected] to get your USERNAME and PASSWORD.

After contacting Zach, click here to go to the Ministry Scheduler Pro- Web Terminal set up. You will need the following information to set up your Web Terminal.

-Organization ID: stmarymobile          -Web Terminal USERNAME and PASSWORD 

Once you've completed your web terminal set up, you can find the app for your mobile device by clicking the appropriate link for your operating system: App Store or Play Store.


For this month's schedule, click the link below.

If you have any questions/concerns, or wish to get involved in one of these ministries, please contact Laurel Wallace, [email protected] or call the Parish Office at (251)432-8678.