Liturgical Ministries' Schedule

For this month's schedule, click here.

St. Mary's Parish uses Ministry Scheduler Pro to schedule all of our liturgical ministries: Extraordinary Ministers, Lectors, and Altar Servers.

 Ministry Scheduler Pro will allow you to: 

–  Access to your schedule and the master schedule through your phone or computer

–  Set and submit your availability for the next schedule through your phone or computer 

–  Request a Substitute or to fill in as a Sub for ministries which meet your serving preferences

–  Set email and text reminders for the times you are scheduled as a minister

–  Set family preferences so that you can communicate a preference to all serve at at the same Mass on the same day, or to all serve the same Mass at various Mass times, or to serve whenever there is a need without concern for Mass date or time.


Click Here for instructions on how to download and set up the Ministry Scheduler Pro App!


If you have any questions/concerns, or wish to get involved in one of these ministries, please contact Laurel Wallace, or call the Parish Office at (251)432-8678.