Mother's Day Out

St. Mary Mother's Day Out offers child care for children age 6 weeks to age 3, in a Catholic nurturing environment. This year-round program offers full and part-time options for your child. St. Mary Mother’s Day Out is a ministry of St. Mary Catholic Church. We are dedicated to early child care and development. Our mission is to provide a safe and nurturing environment that meets the needs of our children.We believe that it is a blessing to care for the youngest children in our area and parish. We have four classrooms: Our 2 year old classroom, Our Younger Wobbler classroom who are new to walking around the ages 12-18 months, Our Older Wobbler classroom from ages 18-24 months, and our Infant classroom starting at 6 weeks to 12 months old. We start using curriculum in each classroom starting at 12 months old till they are ready to go to preschool. The curriculum we use daily includes circle time, literacy, art, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, music, and outside play. They will begin to learn their alphabet, colors, shapes, and numbers. Our goal at St. Mary Mom’s Day out is to promote developmental skills in the emotional, social, creative, cognitive and physical areas.

We accomplish this through our monthly themes, weekly lesson plans, daily art projects, teacher-directed activities and lastly through self-directed activities which promotes a healthy balance of independence. For our parents we send home daily reports on what your child has learned and activities they did for the day. We also have a private Facebook group for all the parents at MDO that we post to daily so the parents can see what activities their children are doing daily. This is a way for our parents to stay involved and they enjoy seeing in real time what their children are doing while at St. Mary Mom’s Day Out.

 Our program is open Monday through Friday, year round from 7:15am to 5:30pm. We offer both full time care and part time care. Our options include a 2, 3, or 5 day schedule. Our drop-off times are at 7:15am, 8am and noon. Our pick-up times are noon, 4pm and 5:30pm. We are located in Mobile’s Old Dauphin Way Historic District’s “Catholic Corner” across from St. Mary Catholic School and McGill-Toolen Catholic High School at 1413 Old Shell Road. 

If you would like more information contact Co-Directors Alex Stroecker or Ashley McLean at (251) 380-8760 or email us at [email protected] If you would like to enroll your child please send your filled out registration packet to Alex Stroecker [email protected] or you may drop it off at St. Mary Mom’s Day Out.


Registration Packet 

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